Limited Edition Print

Limited Edition Giclee Print (unframed) from the theatre production The BFG. Image by Kevin Leary[/typography]


Written by Roald Dahl, Adapted by David Wood, Director – Andrew Panton, Designer -Becky Minto, LX Designer – Simon Wilkinson, Composer/ Musical Director – Claire McKenzie, Puppet Coach – Rick Conte, Animation Designer – Jamie Macdonald,  Set Build – Lyceum Theatre



The BFG/ Dad – Lewis Howden, Mum/ Queen/ Miss Plumridge/ Mummy – Claire Knight, Sophie – Robyn Milne, Daniel (Sam)/ Bloodbottler/ Mr Tibbs/ Head of Army – Tom Mackley, Rebecca (Katherine)/ Mary/ Queen of Sweden – Emily Byrt, Guy/ Fleshlumpeater/ Headmaster/ Father/ Head of Airforce – Ben Winger, Ensemble/ Female Understudy – Neshla Caplan, Ensemble/ Male Understudy – Martin Murp

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Image taken from the auditorium and stage of the Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh. My work as scenic artist to the Lyceum Theatre has allowed me to document our productions for some time. This image is part of a series showing the history of Royal Lyceum sets, lighting, cast and crew. 16 % of the sale price will be donated to the Royal Lyceum Youth Theatre.