Kill Johhny Glendenning

Limited Edition Print

Limited Edition Giclee Print (unframed) from the theatre production Kill Johhny Glendinning. Image by Kevin Leary[/typography]


Written by DC Jackson, Director – Mark Thomson, Designer -Michael Taylor, LX Designer – Tim Mascall, Fight Directors – Rachel Bown-Williams and Ruth Cooper-Brown of RC-Annie Ltd, Set Build – Lyceum Theatre


Philip Cairns – Dominic, Kern Falconer – Auld John, David Ireland – Johnny Glendenning, Steven McNicoll – Bruce, Paul Samson – Macpherson, Joanne Thomson – Kimberley, Josh Whitelaw – Skootch

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Image taken from the auditorium and stage of the Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh. My work as scenic artist to the Lyceum Theatre has allowed me to document our productions for some time. This image is part of a series showing the history of Royal Lyceum sets, lighting, cast and crew. 16 % of the sale price will be donated to the Royal Lyceum Youth Theatre.