Now open to the world!

By August 21, 2012September 15th, 2012No Comments

Having spent some time building the site, preparing products, photographing artworks and working out administration it is now time to push the button and open the site fully. There is still some work to carry out, like descriptions for the Football gallery and uploading of more pictures and I will work to keep improving the site and its operation. I see it as a foundation for more creativity. Having not painted for a couple of months whilst collating and assessing a lot of my past works, the impetus to create anew is greater than ever. I hope then to update the site regularly with new pieces (hopefully with some originals for sale). This will also include news/blog style posts about my studio practice and the work I do for the theatre (see about page), and anything else that takes my interest.

Fortunately I have managed to start a painting for Joe Hart of Manchester City FC and goalkeeping fame. I will post some progress images soon. Also building more than one set for the Royal Lyceum Theatres’ new season (due to start after the Edinburgh festival, as we give up our stage to the festival for a month or so). I can’t give too much away here but thought some workshop images of set builds in progress may be interesting. Some of our past seasons’ shows can be seen in my Gallery. I will continue to illuminate this work throughout the season.

In the meantime I hope you enjoy what exists here already.